Your school
is unique.

Your logo should be, too.


Throw away the cookie-cutters, it’s time for your private school to have a logo and identity that is completely customized.

A powerful identity leads to powerful connections. It’s those connections that you care about, because parents entrust their children into your school’s hands. Trust, credibility, loyalty, excitement. These are the feelings that come out when someone interacts with a truly spectacular brand. And at Creative Chameleon Studio, our sights are always set on spectacular.

If you have a logo that just isn’t working, (perhaps it’s outdated, perhaps it’s a bit crammed,) then you need to set up a call today! We’ve helped private schools understand their potent value and crafted the strategy and design it takes for them to level up. 

We know what you’re wondering…

How do we give your private school an impactful brand?


We start with a robust discovery session, helping you pinpoint the exact things that make your private school so incredible. With guided exercises, we paint an accurate picture of who you’re serving, (or even more important, who you WANT to serve.) We’ll cover things like emotional promises, brand tone & voice, and key differentiators. And don’t forget about understanding the competition, because we want to ensure you stand out from them!


Once your strategy roadmap is laid out, we’ll move into translating that into a powerful visual identity. Logo concepts are explored, making sure your voice is heard and we go in the directions that align with your vision.

Finally, we land on the holy grail: a logo that perfectly captures your private school. It’ll be an identifying mark that your student body and loyal families will resonate with and want to show off. (Merch ideas are never far from our minds!) It’ll be a design that can support the growth that you plan to experience. 


We don’t leave you hanging, though. The most precious deliverable is the brand guidelines; a comprehensive document that outlines your strategy and the ins and outs of how to apply your new visual identity. We’ll meet with anyone on your team that will be handling the assets, and will make sure they feel fully equipped to start rolling it out.


Don't put your brand in rookie hands. We know what we're doing, because we've done it before.

When you work with us, you aren’t just getting pencil-pushers. You’re getting creatives who understand how to ask the right questions and discover the best answers.

We’ve worked with other schools in elevating their brand. View some recent work to see the value we bring to the table.

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