Brand Strategy Workshops

Finding your true north and making a map to get there.

What Is Brand Strategy?

Your brand is how people feel about you. Brand strategy is the process of understanding how you want people to feel and then figuring out how to ensure that outcome.

Do I need brand strategy?

Investing in brand strategy is right for you if you have any of these problems:

+ You are confident that your school is viable, but you have a hard time getting people through the door.

+ You’re trying to sell to everyone.

+ There’s been a change of leadership within your company, and everyone has different visions.

+ You don’t think your school is on par with your competitors.

+ You’ve poured resources into your marketing, but not seeing a return on it.

+ There’s been a change of direction in what you offer.

+ You know people aren’t perceiving your company correctly.

What should you expect from brand strategy workshops?

We focus on internal alignment for external influence.

Through three intensive workshops, we’ll define your vision and bring clarity to the inner workings of your school or company. We then formulate a plan for presenting your brand to your target audience in a way that reinforces your vision.

Many people have impacted your brand. But that means there’s multiple visions, expectations, and goals entering the room. So we begin there, with listening and understanding what everyone is bringing to the table. 

A discovery workshop is a guided dreaming session. We gather your top decision-makers, and we give ourselves time to listen and ideate. We’re there to poke and prod, to mediate, and to uncover the right questions that get to the right answers. There’s always thrilling surprises and brow-furrowing dilemmas to reveal.

This workshop builds the compass for your brand. What is your true north? What is the guiding force behind what you do?

Once we have some of the things sorted out under the hood, we move towards the business side of it all. No company exists in isolation. You’re trying to reach a specific demographic while competing against specific companies. These areas need to be defined and understood, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a beautiful dream and a dreadful bottom line.

A development workshop is a guided analyzing session. We look at the reality of your brand, both where it is currently and where you want it to go. We’re there to guide you through exercises to help define your audience and differentiators. We examine your competitors to understand where your place is in the market. 

The workshop builds the landscape for your brand. Where are the beautiful vistas to show off? Where are the pitfalls to avoid?

We’ll take everything collected in the first two workshops, and compile it into a formalized roadmap for your company. We’ll then sit down and walk through it, making sure your decision-makers are fully on board. 

The delivery workshop is for guided application. We look at how to get team-wide buy-in, and then we turn outward and evaluate how to get the entire ship headed in the right direction.

The workshop builds the engine for your brand. What needs to be done to implement the unified vision? What needs to be changed to move us away from what’s not working? We’ll cover the right language to use in your marketing efforts and how we can leverage your brand to capitalize on your touchpoints. With a roadmap in hand, you’ll be equipped to get your brand efficiently growing.

What is the final result from this process?

You’ll walk away with a robust document in hand, outlining the vital elements of your brand strategy.

Your strategy roadmap is key in getting internal alignment. It will give clarity to your team on your vision, as well as actionable information on your audience, messaging, positioning, and more.

We helped this preparatory school redefine their strategy and elevate their identity.

We guided this world-class tutor through a deeper understanding of her personal brand.

Straight from a client, this is the results of investing in their brand:

1. Extremely satisfied stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

2. Elevate digital presences on our schools' various platforms and channels.

3. Increased 'school spirit' on campus among students and staff.

4. Increased rentention and lead generation in the enrollment seasons immediately following the brand launch.

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