Taking you from where you are to where you want.

Strategy is the framework that a brand is built on. To see brand success, you need brand strategy.

What goes into strategy?

A business is like a vehicle. It needs all of its parts working to get anywhere. Brand strategy is the roadmap, because it determines where the vehicle will end up. When you hire Creative Chameleon Studio to develop your brand strategy, you’ll walk away with confidence in who you are and where you’re going.

Here’s what you can expect to develop in a strategy workshop:

This is your big-picture, future-thinking goal. Simply put, why are you doing what you’re doing?

This is your day-to-day mantra, the heartbeat behind every word, visual, and interaction.

This is the thread between what you deliver and how it makes your consumers feel.

These are the behind-the-scenes emotions that drive your team.

These are the unique things you does that sets you apart from other companies in your market.

This is a top-down look at your industry, from the most broad problem solved to the most niche solution your company delivers.

These are the other options consumers are comparing you to.

This is the defined ideal consumer, understood in detail so you can make sure you know who you’re trying to reach.

These are the three things that touch every part of your brand and address the consumer’s buying journey.

This is the spot where your company can thrive, located by evaluating your differentiators, competition, audience, and mission.

Are you ready for strategy that works?

We helped this preparatory school redefine their strategy and elevate their identity.

We guided this world-class tutor through a deeper understanding of her personal brand.