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What Is Marketing Design?

You no doubt have many ways of spreading word about your school or company. Marketing design is making sure that those efforts pay off by giving you the best outward facing look possible. From brochures to presentation templates to school uniforms, we make sure you look incredible wherever you appear.

Do I need marketing designs?

Investing in marketing designs is right for you if you have any of these problems:

+ Your marketing materials feel outdated.

+ There’s a disconnect between the look of your marketing materials and the people you’re trying to reach.

+ You’ve gone through a rebrand and you need your marketing materials to match your new look.

+ Your internal marketing team does not have enough time to create polished materials.

+ Your competitors have better-looking marketing materials than you.

+ You want all your marketing efforts to have a unified look.

+ You are starting a new marketing approach and need a creative eye to help develop it.

What should you expect from marketing designs?

We make sure the outside view of you reflects the value on the inside.

You know why your school is incredible. It’s time everyone else knows it. Having professional marketing designs will help accurately showcase what makes your school special. Whether you need an entire rehaul of your marketing materials or you have a one-off project, we make sure your message shines. We designs things like:

Welcome Packets
Open House Presentations
School Swag & Merch
Direct Mailers
Social Media Templates
Trade Show Booths

What is the final result from this process?

You’ll get marketing materials that reflect your school’s spirit.

It’s a great feeling to be proud to share your school’s materials. We want to put designs in your hands that you are eager to share with your world.  

Straight from a client, this is the results of investing in their brand:

1. Extremely satisfied stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

2. Elevate digital presences on our schools' various platforms and channels.

3. Increased 'school spirit' on campus among students and staff.

4. Increased rentention and lead generation in the enrollment seasons immediately following the brand launch.

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