Visual Identity

Creating a complete identity that shows who you are.

What Is Visual Identity?

We define your identity as the predetermined visual pillars that inform how you look. This structure becomes the identifiable ‘brand’ to the world. The foundational elements we craft are your logo, color palette, typography, patterns & iconography, and direction for photography. We focus on giving you an identity that is completely custom for you and built to last.  

Do I need a visual identity?

Investing in visual identity design is right for you if you have any of these problems:

+ You don’t have an established visual language for your school.

+ You lack visual separation or individuality from your competitors.

+ There’s been an evolution of who you are, and now the way you look doesn’t match it.

+ You feel like the way you visually appear comes across as unpolished or unprofessional.

+ Your marketing team struggles with creating consistent visuals.

+ There is a disconnect between the atmosphere within your school and the way it appears to your target market.

+ You know people aren’t perceiving your school correctly.

What should you expect from a visual identity design?

We focus on turning brand strategy into a tangible visual system.

We follow a tried-and-true process when developing your visual identity. It’s all built upon your brand strategy, so you can walk away confident that the visual expression of your brand reinforces the big-picture goals.

The first step is always fact-finding. With your brand strategy as the base, we’ll assemble mood boards that show two or three visual directions. Each fit the overall vision of your brand, but are composed of different elements that create different aesthetics. This gives us the chance to discuss what visual direction resonates with your team while remaining true to your brand strategy.

Once we have a direction, we’ll move into creating unique, custom concepts for your logo. The logo is the cornerstone element of your identity, so we start there. We’ll present a handful of concepts, which are then discussed with your team. Sometimes there’s a clear winner, sometimes we bring winning aspects of multiple concepts into one final design. We create, listen, then create again until we land on a logo design that has complete buy-in.

After the logo is approved, we flesh it out into a full visual system for your brand. We’ll define your color palette, establish your typography usage, give you some patterns and icons and more. All of this will be assembled into an in-depth brand book that gives detailed explanation of how to use the new identity system. We’ll wrap the entire project up with a hand-off meeting when your team will get a full walk-through of the brand book and new assests.

What is the final result from this process?

You’ll have a new logo and visual identity that capitalizes on your brand strategy.

Having a bespoke visual identity infuses new life into your brand. With a customized logo and visual identity, you’ll be positioned to better connect with your target market and stand out from your competition. You’ll also have more confidence in your team’s ability to maintain brand consistency from corner to corner.

We helped this preparatory school redefine their strategy and elevate their identity.

We guided this world-class tutor through a deeper understanding of her personal brand.

Straight from a client, this is the results of investing in their brand:

1. Extremely satisfied stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

2. Elevate digital presences on our schools' various platforms and channels.

3. Increased 'school spirit' on campus among students and staff.

4. Increased rentention and lead generation in the enrollment seasons immediately following the brand launch.

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