Your small business is unique, and it's time your brand and graphic design reflects that.

It’s a jungle out there. There’s over 31 million small businesses in the US alone, so you need to put in an enormous amount of work to stand out. And it all starts with your brand.


A brand is how people feel about your business. And it's something you need to control.

From your logo to your copywriting to your marketing efforts, everything comes together to create an impression. This impression is your brand, and it’s value is immeasurable. If you take control of it and harness it’s power, you’ll see growth. If you ignore it, you’ll get lost in the crowd.


An effective brand is aligned, from top to bottom.

We start with strategy, and let that drive the creation of impactful visuals.

Putting a fresh coat of paint on a crumbling house is not the answer. And slapping a new logo on an unstructured brand isn’t either. When you service Creative Chameleon Studio to build your brand, we don’t give you a band-aid solution. We dive deep, and we are intentional.

You’ll receive brand discovery, getting an expert eye on all angles of your brand and drawing out a deep analysis of what’s working, and more importantly, what’s not. This gets formatted into a brand roadmap, which is an important document outlining ways your business can see valuable brand growth. 

Once the strategic foundation is laid, we shift focus to your brand voice and brand visuals. We provide polished logos, typography, colors, and more that will reinforce your brand position. You’ll also receive copywriting guidance that helps you define the proper way to speak efficiently to your target audience. All of this is compiled in brand guidelines, a comprehensive book that can be distributed internally to ensure that your brand is aligned in every single aspect.

What to expect when you hire Creative Chameleon Studio.

1. A precise process.

You have our promise that we’ll never hit the ground running prematurely. Whether your project is a single logo or an entire brand makeover, you’ll be led through an intentional series of steps to ensure we know exactly what you want before a design is sketched or a website is wireframed.

2. Creatives who are masters of their craft.

This is of the utmost importance to us. If you want generic, uninspired designs, we don’t make those and we never will. From simple visuals to full-fledged marketing projects, only tried-and-true professionals with proven track records will ever lay a finger on your project. That’s how great projects are delivered and ROIs are reached. There are thousands of discounted graphic design services online that will leave you with cheap, underperforming results. When you hire us, you’re hiring the best—guaranteed.

3. Partners for the long haul.

The relationship between a company and its design team is a critical one. Whether we’re joining your business at the outstart, or jumping on for a key pivot in your journey, we care about wowing you and forming a long-term bond. You can expect prompt communication, a willingness to build real chemistry, and a creative graphic design studio that will be there to see your business grasp new heights.

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If you’ve made it this far, then you know who we are and what we can do for you. Want to get started? We do too. Got questions for us? By all means, ask away.  

Creative Chameleon Studio is a nimble and quality-focused design studio. We build brands for schools and purposeful people.

Based in Cleveland, reaching the world.

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