11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Designer

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in this situation. You’re at your computer, and you’ve just sent out a request for a graphic designer. Suddenly, you begin to receive a flood of responses and you are overwhelmed at the choices. Everyone claims they are a.) experienced, b.) responsive, and c.) eager to work with you. But how do you pick the RIGHT designer for your project? You shouldn’t just go with the lowest offer. There are many factors that come into play when choosing who should handle your company’s creative needs. Whether you’ve been in this position before, or you’re getting ready to start your search, these 11 questions can help you get more in-depth with designers.  


 1. Have you completed any projects similar to mine? 


Anyone can say they’re experienced, but this is how you see proof. Looking at the outcomes of similar projects can key you in on how yours will probably turn out if you hand the reigns to that designer. At the very least, look over their portfolio of work and see if you’d be satisfied with the same quality for your project.


2. What kind of timeline can I expect for this project? 


Alternately, if you have deadlines, ask if they can work within them. Depending on the scope and your deadlines, it can also affect the budget. Be sure to get this out as soon as possible. 


3. Based on my project, what is an estimated price? 


The designer might beat you to the punch and ask for your budget. But either way, getting to the money talk right away saves everyone time. 


4. What makes you a better choice for this project? 


If you want to know who the best candidate is, ask them if they’re it!


5. Who would I directly be working with for this project?


This is important if you’re working with an agency or a team. You want to make sure they are organized in their line of communication so you can avoid problems down the road. 


6. Do you work under contract?


Any experienced designer knows the importance of contracts. It protects both them and you. Asking this can thin out the group of candidates. 


7. Is there anything I can do to make the project more successful?


If you’re truly interested in working WITH a designer, then this is a wonderful thing for them to hear. They can only do so much based on your efforts. If you’re not prepared enough, then that can affect the success of the project. 


8. What happens if I’m not happy with your work?


Not every design knocks it out of the park. A professional designer should point to a clause in the contract that protects both parties, and ensure that they are open to communication to resolve any issues. 


9. Do you have testimonials or referrals from previous clients?


This again is proof of experience and customer satisfaction. Happy clients are the best ambassadors for a designer!


10. Do you have any areas of concern with this project?


Quality designers know how to troubleshoot. They might point out that you need to revisit the brainstorming stage, or that there’s a better way to accomplish your goals.  


11. What additional services do you offer?


Think ahead! Invest in a designer that can continue to help your business. You might only need a logo now, but you can save yourself time by finding a designer that can also tackle your website, or your marketing.


Asking some (or all) of these questions can help narrow down your search, and help you find the perfect fit for your project!