Is your brand thriving or dying?

For the small business, a brand is often put on the back burner. This means that so much value is being left behind! But your job is to run your business, not know the ins and outs of best branding practices. The quiz below will help you gauge where your brand is currently at, then send you to place to understand what you should do about it.

Before you take the quiz, there’s four terms to know:

  1. A brand is a feeling or promise people associate with your company. 
  2. A brand strategy is a tangible document that defines all the essentials of your business and has actionable steps that will guide your marketing efforts.
  3. A brand identity is all the visuals of your company, from your logo to colors to fonts to photography style.
  4. A brand voice is how your company sounds, from social media posts to customer greets to signage in your store.

Got these locked in? Then click the button to start the 10-question quiz!