Find out how your brand is fairing:

Based on this quiz, you can evaluate your brand by the score you received. The results below will help you understand where you're at and how you can move forward.

<20 = Your brand is flatlining.

Hate to break it to you, but you have some serious work to do! It seems like you’re quite mirky on what your brand actually is, and your business is suffering because of it. 

But fear not! Here’s some helpful ways to shock some life back into your brand and get you on the right track:

  1. Learn more about what a brand is here.
  2. Set up a free consultation to help define the pain points of your brand.

20 - 30 = Not great, but could be worse.

It sounds like you have a few things in the right place, but there’s not an overall strategy. Maybe you’re floundering a bit. And we hate seeing businesses flounder! To get your brand really working for you, you should focus on these things.

  1. Get a brand assessment to understand where the roadblocks are.
  2. Talk to people who know your company to find where your blindspots are. (It’s okay, we all got them!)
  3. Find other competitors who are thriving, and make a list of what they’re doing well that you are not.

30 - 34 = You're doing pretty well, just have a few things to tweak!

You are on top of things, aren’t you? Overall, it looks like you have the right foundation set up for your brand. The primary issue you’ll want to focus on is pushing your brand to its fullest extent. This could look like more refined marketing efforts, or little edits to make sure your copywriting is pulling at all the heartstrings. You will benefit from talking to a specialist in each of these main areas:

  1. Strategist: They’ll help make sure you’re poised for continual growth.
  2. Brand Designer: They’ll get every color and typeface right, so you look the absolute best.
  3. Copywriter: They’ll listen to your brand to make sure it’s saying the right things in the right tone.
  4. Website Designer: They’ll put every pixel in its place, so your website is converting leads instead of driving them away.
  5. Social Manager: They’ll look at each of your platforms and help you get cohesive across them all.

34 - 36 = What a rockstar! It's like you've done this before…

There’s not much left to align for you! It appears that you’ve put in all the groundwork and are reaping the benefits of a great brand. If you are the kind of person who crosses their T’s twice, you can set up a brand audit to make sure no stone is left unturned. Or you can keep on your merry way and buckle in for the growth that’s ahead of you!